Do your own Thyng...

It doesn’t take much to turn an everyday, physical object into a Thyng – it’s as easy as putting a sticker on it! Interacting with a Thyng is as simple as tapping, scanning or just passing it. We’ve created the technology, but it’s up to you to do your own Thyng… »


The Thyngs Web API makes it easy to build new products and services onto the Thyngs platform

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The Thyngs Router gives you access to Thyngs pages. Simply send it your Thyng code to in order to see the relevant content. You can also send the Router additional information which can help to improve Analytics for a campaign

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My Thyngs

My Thyngs is your 1 stop managment and Analytics platform for all of your Thyngs. Easily create and update your Thyngs pages for events, campaigns or whatever you want. See how your Thyngs are being used, fine tune them and plan better use of future Thyngs.

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