Build, connect, engage...

By connecting the physical and digital worlds, we bring consumers closer to brands, products and services, converting offline interest into instant mobile engagement, purchase, and loyalty.

Build new capability on the Thyngs platform and integrate with mobile apps and web based systems.


The Thyngs REST API makes it easy to build new products and services onto the Thyngs platform. The API can be queries for more information on Thyngs and nearby objects.

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Notify other systems when a Thyngs Platform events occurs, such as a payment or donation being made. Webhooks are sent as HTTP requests to third-party web based applications using XML or JSON.

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Add Thyngs support into your existing mobile applications. The Thyngs Router links NFC tags and QR codes to its related page on the Thyngs platform. You can send additional information to the router to improve campaign analytics.

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Set a custom URL to display to users after successful payment and validate successful payments. This allows gated content to be served or a fully customised ‘thank you’ message to be displayed for a campaign.

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