The Thyngs Router links each Thyng to its related Thyngs Page. Simply send the Thyng Code to the Router in order to see the relevant Thyng Page. You can also send the Router additional information which can help to improve the Analytics of a campaign.


Thyngs pages can be loaded by the Router by specifying the related Thyng Code in the URL.
e.g for Thyng code ANA00014 the following URL can be used
iBeacon requests use comma separted values (CSV) for UUID, Major, Minor e.g for a iBeacon with UUID 5DA978B9-7BED-4274-8631-5869EE593183, Majour 1 and Minor 1 the following URL can be used,1,1

Additional Parameters

The following information can then appended to the request as URL parameters:

So with all of the parameters...